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DOexcursion is a premium global platform owned and engineered by Silentium IT
for the holiday activities, attractions and experience market

We are driven by the expectations of the modern traveller and the ever-changing technologies

With just a few clicks DOexcursion will provide you a personalized service based on your geo-location. It will find the best deals in activities and attractions and do the bookings securely for you even when you are on the move!

Excursion in style

We take you to the best attractions in your destination…

Doexcursion is a next generation B2C digital platform designed for customers in the the activities market.

DOexcursion offers you memorable activities, attractions, and experiences while providing a secure and seamless online booking experience for the best price.

Excursion in style

These principles means a lot to us.


Activities, attractions and experiences in your destination? DOexcursion will find it for you. No more waiting in queues !

Memorable Holidays

DOexcursion makes your holiday extra-special, helping you do your activities, attractions and experiences for the best price. We always compile a list of favorites to inspire you.

Secure and seamless booking

DOexcursion uses the state of the art technology and advanced engineering to ensure all our customers are provided with a secure and seamless online booking experience

Geolocations basedrecommendation

During your holiday, DOexcursion's location-based recommendations will be a handy way to find the best attractions near you saving your precious holiday time

Best customer experience

What modern travelers really want is personalized experiences they can have control of. DOexcursion is built to make customer experience at the finest from every aspect through advanced engineering yet simple to use and intuitive booking steps

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DOexcursion is driven by our passion for excellence

A large activity portfolio

DOexcursion offers a wide range of leisure activities and attractions in a constantly growing market. With our discounts and promotions, you will be spoilt for choice.

Discover Your Destination

DOexcursion helps you discover your destination. We provide a great deal of information about your activity. With that in hand, you will be able to research the activity and the location quickly.

No queues

You will not waste your precious holiday time in queues. Do your booking in advance with us and enjoy your time to the fullest at your favourite destination.

Geo Location Based Suggestions

Part of discovering your destination is finding what is around it. The geolocation-based suggestions available on DOexcursion will help you know about other exciting activities and attractions around you even when you are on the move.

Get away and indulge in the magical travels!