Technology - Innovation - Experience

We have mastered the art of blending innovation & technology
with the individual's quest for refinement.

At Silentium IT our focus is on creating premium-quality solutions for our customers. The first step in everything we create for our customers is a clear vision; a process that sees a sophisticated solution at the end of it. For us, sophistication means simplicity, clarity and power.

We are fully resourced to meet the complex, component-based, distributed and mission critical system needs of our clients.

Silentium IT globally offers enterprise software systems for corporate and government entities. We also provide cyber security, and project & portfolio management services.

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Global Activity Platform

DOexcursion is a premium global platform owned and engineered by Silentium IT for the holiday activities, attractions and experience market. DOexcursion is driven by the most advanced technologies and aims at ensuring that its valued customers enjoy the highest standards.

CX360 e-Companion Platform

CX360 e-Companion is a unique digital concierge system for hotels and cruise ships to interact with their guests. Available on a smart device in every room or cabin, attending to your guests’ requirements is now possible with a few taps and swipes both on their end and yours.


Our interfaces are designed with your specific customer in mind


Integrates and seamlessly blends with your current property management system


Access to every amenity, is now at your guests’ fingertips


Exclusive insights of guest satisfaction, via cutting-edge business intelligence

Digital Brain - Our Enterprise Solutions

Our Digital Brain concept looks at empowering the products we create with powerful technologies

Guided by AI

Our engineering capability in Artificial Intelligence will help your business transform with predictive analysis, automated work processes, fraud detection, improved customer experience and more.

Extendable Architecture

Our solution architecture takes every aspect of the future growth into consideration, so scaling your business with us will be hassle free and rewarding.

High Performance and Cutting-Edge Technology

If you want to be an innovator in the high-performance segment, you have always got be on the cutting-edge technology. With our expertise, you will continue to accelerate forward and drive better business outcomes, and will stay in front of the pack.

Secure and Robust

Security and Strength in your systems is critical for your business. A secure and robust IT system will help you to be super stable and stay ahead. The systems we design and develop are based on the most advanced security architecture.