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Creating digital spaces for the modern consumer

CX360 e-Companion is a unique digital concierge system for hotels and cruise ships to interact with their guests. Available on a smart device in every room or cabin, attending to your guests’ requirements is now possible with a few taps and swipes both on their end and yours.


Your guests know you are there for them 24x7, be it getting a cocktail at midnight, reserving a table at the restaurant or buying tickets for the Museum that they suddenly planned to do; this is real hospitality!

We are capable of catering complex, scalable, component-based, distributed and mission critical system

Silentium International is an enabler for large scale software system platforms designed to operate in a corporate environment or government. We also specialise in offshoring for all IT related operations, such as cyber security and project management.

Intelligent Platform

These principles means a lot to us.

Smart Room Experience

CX360 in every room means every room has its own concierge. Guests can be in touch with you for all their needs through this smart programme.

Smart Feedback Experience

CX360 has a built-in feedback system which processes complaints, reviews and suggestions by your guests and gives you daily, weekly, and monthly insights.

Smart Purchase Experience

CX360 is designed to link other service providers in addition to your own exclusive services. This makes accessing important services easy and hassle-free for your guest.

Keeping guests up to date

You can use the notification feature on CX360 to update your guests about special dishes, events, promotions etc. You can also use this facility in an emergency.

Why CX360 Logo e-Companion

Up-to-date and accurate information

In real Time
No more outdated menus or information. All you do is update the content using the easy-to-use back-end system on CX360 which will instantly update all the devices.

No waiting in queues

On-line round the clock
No waiting in queues CX360 keeps your guests connected with you round the clock allowing you to respond to their requirements ultra efficiently.

Ensuring customer satisfaction

The fixer!
Ensurering customer satisfaction If you receive a complaint or a negative review fix it there and then. The customised Survey on CX360 will notify you the feedback from your guests instantly and this will give you the opportunity to follow things up and bring any situation under control within a few minutes.

Business Intelligence

Data Manager
CX360 gives you all the business intelligence and metrics on its back-end dashboard. This will make your life so much easier when you sit down to take decisions and make choices for your business.


Engagement Platform

Empower your guests to seek all the assistance and information they need for a pleasant stay - with a flick and a tap, right from their bedside. The tablet-based CX360 e-concierge platform facilitates one-on-one interaction between guests and hotel staff, which eliminates the need to make calls or visit the front desk in person.

  • Housekeeping requests.
  • Room service (ordering food and beverage, ordering taxis etc.)
  • Details on promotions, offers and discounts.
  • Tourist information (such as excursions, attractions, nearby places of interest etc.) that can also be integrated with booking engines to make reservations/purchases.
  • Advertisements by third-parties.
  • Access to media publications such as daily online newspapers and magazines.


Back-End System

The responsive capabilities of the CX360 enables it to function across multiple devices, from desktop to mobile to tablet. The interface presents smooth navigation that does not require advanced technical expertise, making it a software that can be used by staff at any level. Your hotel/cruise team members can perform the following functions for creating instant updates on all in-room e-concierge devices across the board.

  • Respond to guest queries.
  • Revise information, such as items and prices on menus.
  • Update promotional and advertisement material.
  • Monitor guest satisfaction via the dashboard.
  • Make special announcements.

CX360 will also integrate with your existing PMS or CRM